ROOF AW pres. NANDU @Sky Lounge Bar

Date: 24/05

Location: Sky Lounge Bar, Mostar

ROOF AW pres. NANDU // Azzur, Sweet Musique

SKY LOUNGE BAR – Otvaranje sezone sa nadolazećom danskom zvijezdom

NANDU (Azzur, Sweet Musique, Copenhagen)


Datum: 24/05

Mjesto: SKY LOUNGE BAR ,  Mostar


ROOF AW pres.  NANDU (Azzur, Sweet Musique, Copenhagen)



 Nandu  / Azzur , Sweet Musique, Copenhagen

 G. Edd / Garden of Dreams, Sarajevo

 Andrej Jelic / ROOF AW, Mostar

 Igor HDP/ ROOF AW, Mostar



LOCATION: Sky Lounge Bar Mostar // Biosphere // Brace Fejića bb


Early bird tickets: 15.00 BAM 

Regular presale tickets: 20.00 BAM


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