Datum: 28/09

Mjesto: CLUB TREZOR, Sarajevo

— Answer Code Request
— DJ Jasmina

Trezor — Kranjčevićeva bb, Sarajevo

presale STARTS SOON — — 24 KM
at the door — 30 KM 

Event is organized by Decibel & Modul_D, supported by Goethe-Institut Bosnien und Herzegowina.

As always, our sound/VJ guys from PAL-e are ready to turn Trezor into the perfect venue for this techno night!

— — —

After 10 parties in Centar Skenderija / Dom Mladih, Decibel is changing it's familiar event scenery and entering Trezor, Sarajevo based club.

Located in a well known part of Marijin Dvor, Trezor promotes different electronic music directions/genres, of local, regional and world subcultures. In a consistency with Decibel's approach to booking versatile DJs — this space will be perfect for a pre-club season event, September 28th, with one of Berlin's biggest versatile acts.

Patrick Gräser aka Answer Code Request has honed a hybrid musical approach that stands out in a world of uniform 4/4 techno. Melding pad-driven harmonies, intricate breaks and an industrial sonic palette, Gräser has occupied a unique space within the Ostgut Ton cosmos since debuting on the label in 2012 and becoming a Berghain resident shortly thereafter.

His various releases and remixes for Ostgut Ton, MDR, Dolly Deluxe and Monkeytown Records continue to be highly sought after. As a DJ, he has taken his bass- and breaks-heavy techno to clubs and festivals around the globe, while remaining an integral part of the Berlin scene.

Decibel's resident TKNO & local DJ legend Jasmina, will be Patrick's support for the night. 

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