Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I look at your Terms of Use and Privacy Statement?

To view our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, please click here.

Which payment method do you accept?


This service is provided by the Monri Payment System UniCredit Bank service. Monri Payment System i performs all processing and collection. Monri Payment System keeps all your information in strict confidentiality. After successful transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation of the payment made by the mail.

INVOICE has made it possible to purchase tickets for a certain event with the possibility of payment by the Invoice. This option is useful for people that use SMS banking and for Companies.

Do I have some extra costs?

All tickets that are sold by are sold on behalf of promoters as an agent. All ticket prices already have VAT included. The price of the ticket is determined by the organizer, and cannot be changed. Credit card charges are reported on billing page and increased by the amount of the bank fee.

How tickets are delivered?

After successful payment, the tickets are automatically delivered to the email address you entered during registration. Tickets are delivered in PDF format. file. Tickets must be printed.

How does this system work at all?

Thank you for this question. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to this way of buying tickets. This system is an absolutely proven system that functions in all countries of the world and has absolutely overshadowed traditional forms of ticket purchases. Specifically, when you select the event you want to attend, clicking on this link you are being transferred to the page where you select the specific zone and type, quantity etc.. After that, the system further leads you to choosing a payment method. In addition to card payments, we also offer payment through invoices for legal entities. Some events will also offer other payment methods such as PayPal or similar. If you have chosen to pay a ticket with a credit card, the system continues to lead you to a payment service where, after the transaction is completed, you receive an email confirming that your transaction is completed. After checking your card, you will receive a second email with E-Tickets, and a unique bar code is assigned exclusively to each ticket. With that code, you go directly to the venue entrance and you show the E-Ticket on the request of the responsible person and your place is waiting for you.

For any additional questions, please contact our office at 033 943111.

What if the event is canceled?

If the event is canceled, the Organizer is responsible for refunding the money you paid for the ticket. It does not include shipping or agency costs or any other costs that might exist during the transaction. The money will be refunded only with a confirmation of payment and a copy of the ticket or received email with a unique code. If the event is postponed for another date, the money will not be refunded automatically until the final confirmation of the cancellation by the organizer.

What if somebody copied my tickets / codes?

E-Tickets along with a unique bar code that you receive must be kept to the maximum, and no one else can be charged for counterfeiting. If you have copied your tickets or used them in other way, the first barrier that comes to the event has the right to enter. All other attempts of use will be stopped and no entry will be possible.

Will my seats be grouped?

Yes, if you have purchased multiple tickets, all tickets will be in sequence unless otherwise specified by your order and selection that you made during the order. At some events, you will be able to choose your seat on free will if the seats are not predefined by organizers.

Why are my tickets printed on paper?

This system follows the worldwide trend of printing of so-called E-tickets (electronically issued tickets). This technology is absolutely reliable and as such applies in all countries of the world and in all areas, from airline companies to clubs and sports venues. Tickets are 100% valid and accepted by the organizers. Each ticket contains a unique bar code where the code being checked at the entrance, whether it is scanned automatically or manually. If you have not bring the ticket with you, the entrance will not be allowed. Do not copy your ticket because it will allow entrance to the first person that shows the ticket. Keep your ticket in a safe place.

Why is someone else's name appearing on the tickets?

These are your tickets. The name that appears on E-Ticket is the name of the person that has made a purchase, and delivered by email. You will not have any problems entering the event.